An App to remind food expiry day and propose recipes?! Attainable or Not possible?

An App to remind food expiry day and propose recipes?! Attainable or Not possible?

Mobile app to remind food expiry date


If you have purchased foodstuff, stored in the fridge and then neglected about some of them, only to find out that your favored ice-cream has expired then do not truly feel undesirable just for the ice-product. Really feel negative for your misplaced cash as effectively. However, you are not the only one with this problem.


Analysis indicates that an common family in the U.K. wastes food of worth £700 every calendar year, which signifies you could probably stop up saving £700 each year. But offered our daily regimen, it is nearly tough not to waste meals at all, and a big cause for this sort of food waste is due to overbuying and then them not being consumed within the expiry day. But an engineer has a straightforward answer to this problem.




Somdip Dey, a software program engineer and scientist from the University of Essex, has constructed a basic mobile software, ReMe Basket, which allows customers to update the foodstuff objects you obtain and sign-up their expiry dates, so that consumers can be reminded using colour coding and notification to take in the objects before it hits the expiry date. This colour coded reminder method, red when it’s about to expire and eco-friendly when it has pristine usage quality, is an successful way of retaining consumers on track of the food they are buying and the meals they are consuming.


Somdip states, “ReMe Basket would not just remind you of your food’s expiry day but at the very same time suggest you intelligent recipes dependent on the foods products that you have acquired. Furthermore, it is very easy to save the foodstuff items in the application due to the fact we have obtained cutting edge technologies this kind of as voice recognition, optical textual content recognition, barcode reader, etc. constructed in the app to make the procedure of saving the products straightforward.” Somdip has also verified that he is later organizing to deliver synthetic intelligence in the application so that it could automatically detect which foodstuff things are acquired the most or wasted the most so that the application could recommend the consumer on the purchasing checklist.


Resource: TreeHugger


Despite the fact that the app is only accessible on Google perform retailer, creating it only available for Android-based smart-phones at the second, but extended release on the iOS platform is also becoming mentioned. But for the instant if you are on Android and are stressing about foodstuff waste due to “gone-off” date on your foods, then you do not have to be concerned at all. Just down load the application for free and commence using the features to start off saving funds. Hence a cellular app to propose recipes and remind you of the expiry date is not a fantasy any more, it is achievable without a doubt.