lol smurfs

lol smurfs

When you buy a champion, then it has hits basic appearance. But if you want to change it, you need to buy League of Legends skins online.

League of Legends buy champions: you can buy them, or you can wait for the rotation After all, sometimes you just want so much to have some fun in the open spaces of League of Legends, explore its wilds and mazes, do something stupid, try on another image, try other modes. For all this, you need a account for smurfing, and a few smurfs will be even better. They allow you to play with anyone and in any way, without spoiling the game statistics of your “real” account at all. Today, the danger that hides in computer games is a well-known fact. They can act on the human psyche like alcohol, and in particularly vulnerable people a real game addiction can be formed. buy level 30 league of legends account If you want to make a purchase in a specialized client’s Riot Store, then for this you need to have a special game currency Riot Points or Blue Essence. In this digital center there is always an excellent choice of skins. But you need to keep in mind that some of them are only available for a limited time, so it’s better to buy immediately the skin that took a liking to you at the League skin sales.

Blue essence, or BE. So, if you want to buy lvl 30 league account, you have the most wide choice of privileges. You can choose a variety of characters and much more. In addition, you can choose the server you like:

Each of the game currencies has its own characteristics. For example, if you want to earn some Influence Points for Lleague of Legends best champions to buy, you need to take part in matches. You can get a certain amount of IP for each match you win or lose. The price range is very wide and depends on many factors. When a new champion appears on the market, the price can reach 7000 IP. But pretty quickly, the price drops to 6300 IP. And if you show a little patience in your desire to LoL buy champions, then you can get them a little bit cheaper. But it’s always so nice to boast before the opponents with a dazzling new thing! For this, many gmers do not mind giving away a few extra IPs! You can quickly understand how good the skin is. Each of these products has its own price. The higher is the price, the more skills and other interesting effects this skin contains.

This price category is optimal – it gives a fairly rich set of updates and at the same time does not require too much game currency.

Everyone who plays a wonderful game LOL, I want to know: how many champions in League of Legends are there today? We answer: this number is really huge. To date, the number of champions reaches 141. And obviously, there is more to come – the developers never stop creating new, even more interesting characters. Why should you buy LoL account lvl 30?